For Healthy Children By All Odds

ggDinesh Kafle

My mother is 95 years old. When she was born, her father was 70 years and her mother was just a teenage girl. My mother gave birth to ten surviving offspring at home. They are all living lives with full dynamism, with their own command over resources. Many similar cases of age difference in marriage and types of families may be there in Nepal for those who care to find out and write about.
In many parts of the world, mainly in the economically developed world, marrying in the late thirties and forties is found to be common. Recently, in Hisar-Punjab of India, a 70-year-old wife and 75-year-old husband became parents with the help of IVT.
They said their happiness knew no bounds on having had the dream come true with their own baby. Being parents as well as to be parents is a time of high importance in everyone’s life. This is a real test of manhood and womanhood — the opportunity to create a person, in reality, is godly.
Recreation is important in the living world not only for humans but also for other animals in the world. Togetherness of the male and female kinds is the beauty of life. It is the beginning of the extension of the hereditary tree line. We are here in a period of time and place and the line will continue in the future as usual. In the absence of the continuity of creation, we can’t imagine the living world. Read more about For Healthy Children By All Odds