104-year-old Australian scientist goes to Switzerland to end his life

A 104-year-old Australian scientist is making a trip to Switzerland to kick the bucket.

Eminent ecologist and botanist David Goodall isn’t in critical condition yet plans to perform “voluntary euthanasia” at a Swiss facility. Swiss law licenses helped suicide, including for remote nationals.

Euthanasia is illicit in Australia on a national level. A year ago, Victoria turned into the primary state in the nation to sanction helped suicide yet the law just applies to at death’s door patients and won’t be an alternative until mid-2019.

Goodall had communicated fears that Australian authorities would attempt to prevent him from going to Europe.

“I am 104 years of age, so I haven’t got much time left at any rate,” Goodall told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. He said he should avoid this phase in his life where things get “more terrible and more regrettable” and make him “miserable as it goes.”

“One lives a few decades and after that one kicks the bucket. It’s not miserable. What is tragic is whether one is forestalled,” Goodall told the ABC when he turned 104. “I’m not upbeat. I need to kick the bucket.”

An online appeal to raised $15,000 to enable Goodall to get to Europe. Before making a trip to Switzerland, Goodall will visit family in France, the BBC revealed.

Tune O’Neill, an euthanasia advocate who works with Exit International, is going with Goodall. O’Neill said Goodall’s personal satisfaction has genuinely weakened. Following a fall a month ago, specialists revealed to Goodall he needs all day and all night mind or to move into a nursing home.

“He’s not discouraged or hopeless, but rather there’s simply not that little start that was there two or three years prior,” O’Neill told the BBC.

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