Ghodaghodi Wetland Drying Up

The Ghodaghodi wetland arranged in Kailali area is in danger of drying because of deforestation and absence of legitimate administration.

Ghodaghodi, which is wealthy in biodiversity and recorded in the World Wetland Area, is at high danger of contracting because of inability to preserve it according to the wetland standards and qualities.

Because of deforestation, expanding human infringement, absence of appropriate administration, the peril of drying of the encompassing lakes, including Ghodaghodi, has expanded. “The lakes are vanishing so quick. There might be no wetland stays later on,” said traditionalist Dayaram Chaudhary.

There are 24 lakes, both of all shapes and sizes, in the Ghodaghodi wetland zone, including Ghodaghodi Lake. These lakes cover a zone of ​​248 hectares.

Traditionalists state that the biggest and most significant Ghodaghodi Lake is being involved by 12 to 18 millimeters consistently. Additionally, Nakrod Lake, spread more than 70 hectares north of Ghodaghodi Lake, is likewise being involved.

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