Festivals like Indrajatra are the cultural Assets of Nepal: Prime Minister

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that festivals like Indrajatra celebrated by Nepalis living in different castes, communities and geographies are tied in the thread of unity. Giving a message of good wishes on the occasion of Indrajatra today, the Prime Minister said that Nepalis have been defeating the efforts made at different times to weaken the unity among Nepalis in this cultural light.

Stating that the government has taken a policy to protect and promote such cultural festivals, he said in the message, “We have conveyed the message that Nepalis are united among ethnic, religious and cultural diversity. ”



Stating that festivals like Indrajatra, which conveys the rich message of intercultural harmony, are Nepal’s cultural capital, he said that this cultural foundation of strong national unity is a matter of pride for Nepalis.

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