What is the progress of the Ministry of Tourism in a year?

Kathmandu, September 26: The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has made positive progress in the last fiscal year despite the Kovid-19 epidemic. It is mentioned in the annual progress booklet made public by the ministry on Tuesday that it has achieved 60 percent overall progress in the fiscal year 2076-07.

The Ministry has done some important work in the field of culture, tourism and civil aviation in the fiscal year 2076-07. Intensive work has been done in policy reform and promotion of good governance. Work has been done for the protection and promotion of inter-agency culture, construction of tourist infrastructure and reconstruction of heritage. Announcing the annual progress booklet through a virtual meeting, Minister for Tourism Yogesh Bhattarai said that the expected progress could not be made due to unfavorable situation at a time when maximum capital expenditure and financial and material progress was required.

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