Hard time for trekking and mountaineering workers

Kathmandu, Aug. 9: After the flare-up of COVID-19 pandemic, around 70,000 laborers associated with journeying and mountaineering segment in the nation’s travel industry have lost their positions since the finish of a year ago. They face a horrid possibility ahead as its not certain when the circumstance will come back to regularity.

Because of the pandemic, journeying aides and laborers, who for the most part get work for just five to a half year a year to oversee vocation of their family for round the year, have been gravely influenced gratitude to the stop in traveling and mountaineering exercises in the high period of spring.

In Nepal, spring (September, October and November) and pre-winter (March, April and May) are two significant seasons for journeying and mountaineering. Due to the pandemic, the significant period of spring was totally hampered for traveling and mountaineering exercises while the up and coming pre-winter season, as well, is probably going to be upset as instances of disease are flooding.

Kapil Pandey, leader of Nepal Tourism Workers Union, said that most specialists associated with journeying and mountaineering segment were coming up short on their investment funds and would confront issue soon even to support themselves and their family.

“Up until now, a large portion of our companions are dealing with their living with investment funds from a year ago, however they are presently nearly extreme issue as they went totally jobless in spring season and comparable circumstance is probably going to rehash in the forthcoming fall season,” Pandey said.

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