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Rupaidiya under high alert for COVID-19

Full alert has been embraced at the line region in Rupaidiya in Banke locale considering the rising instances of COVID-19 in India.

A wellbeing work area has been set up at the boundary which is screening 150 to 200 people with antigen tests consistently, lab official at the Health Desk, Chiran Gyawali, said. As per him, 6,400 people entering Nepal through the boundary were given antigen tests last month and just four of them tried positive. Be that as it may, not a solitary individual has tried positive for Covid disease somewhat recently.

An inoculation card has been made compulsory at the boundary. “We direct antigen test on an individual in the event that the individual doesn’t have the immunization card demonstrating that he/she has been controlled the second portion antibody against COVID-19,” Gyawali added.

“There is what is going on as in last year since the vast majority have been immunized. Individuals are not permitted to enter Nepal without exposing them to test for the Covid disease,” he informed.

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