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How long will it rain in Nepal

There has been continuous rain and snowfall in Nepal in January. The rains and snowfall that started in January have been continuing till the last week.

Although the weather has improved in the last few weeks, it has been raining and snowing due to cloudiness due to low pressure winds in the west. Rains and snowfall in the country’s high hills and mountains since Thursday have made life difficult for people across the country.

The cold along with the rains has affected children, the elderly and livestock. Snowfall in the Himalayan region including Humla, Manang and Mugu has frozen more than three feet. Snow has also fallen in the hilly areas of the Kathmandu Valley and high hilly areas across the country.

There has been frequent snowfall in Phulchoki, Shivpuri, Dalchoki, Chandragiri and around the Kathmandu Valley. According to meteorologists, it will take a few more days for the weather to improve.

Meteorologists have forecast heavy rains across the country and the weather will remain cloudy till Saturday morning and clear from Sunday.

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