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Why Ranveer and Deepika’s ’83 ‘boycott campaign on Twitter?

The movie ’83’ starring Bollywood actor Ranbir Singh and actress Deepika Padukone has been released on Friday.

The Nepali distributor did not bring this film to Nepal. That is why the Nepali audience did not get to see this movie which was critically acclaimed in India.

However, with the release of this film in India, a boycott campaign has started. The trend of boycotting movies has started on social network Twitter. Some Twitter users have said that the film should be boycotted because of Ranbir, Deepika and director Kabir Khan.

Some time ago, when actress Deepika came to support the student movement in JNU, she was both criticized and praised. Some Twitter users have argued that the film should be boycotted because it was produced and acted by him.

The trend of boycotting Deepika’s earlier film ‘Chhapak’ was also shown on Twitter, citing her support for JNU students.

Similarly, some users have posted a picture of actor Ranbir Singh having a party with Pakistan’s ISI agents and suggested that his film should be boycotted.

Fans of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput are also in the boycott campaign of the film. In an advertisement, Ranbir said that he had made fun of Sushant and urged not to watch the film.

Similarly, some Twitter users have appealed not to watch the movie as the money spent on the movie will be spent on buying drugs.

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