22 surge influenced families get new homes

Tulsipur, Aug 28: Lamahi region in Dang, the region in area 5, has built new asylum for the 22 families rendered destitute by flooding a year prior.

The rainstorm flooding at Amelia of Lamahi-9 a year ago had totally harmed 22 houses. The new structures have been given to the influenced families.

One of the recipients, Punkala Bhusal, said she was so glad to go into the new house as its proprietor.

Following the debacle, the nearby government found a sheltered zone to construct new homes for the dislodged. The region helped Rs 200,000 to every family to build another asylum. The new home has the offices for a different kitchen and a can. Among the new structures, 10 have been based on open land while 12 on individual land, region chairman Kul Bahadur KC said.

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