Avalanche and surge impede Manang street at three spots

Manang, Aug 16: People making a trip to different goals have been confronting issue as the vehicular development stays deterred because of surge and avalanche at three places along the Manang street area for as long as few days.

The street area has been impeded at Pisang of Nisyang provincial district 1, Koto of Chame rustic region and Timang stream. The surge in the Pisang stream has washed away the extension. Ward Chairperson of Nisyang country district 1, Bhujung Gurung, said that repair and upkeep of the scaffold was in progress in the wake of shutting the vehicular development.

So also, vehicular development has been stopped at Koto of Chame provincial region after street sank following the avalanche.

Acting Chief District Officer of Manang, Jayraj Bhandari, said that it would take some days to continue the vehicle benefit.

Similarly, surge on Timang stream has blocked vehicular development at Chame country region. Travelers heading towards Upper Mustang have been constrained to change three vehicles.

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