Climbers fail to reach top of Mt. Everest

KATHMANDU, May 15: Mountaineers on Tuesday couldn’t get to the highest point of Mt. Everest because of awful climate. More than 100 mountain climbers were making arrangements to scale the Third Pole.

“More than 100 mountain climbers from Nepal and on board who were heading upward the summit set up at the different camps after the climate turned troublesome,” contact officer of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Gyanendra Shrestha, from Mt. Everest Base Camp disclosed.

Every one of the mountain climbers needed to wipe out their rising after the climate over 8,000 meters turned negative out of the blue.

As indicated by Shrestha, the climbers will continue their rising on Tuesday night. On the off chance that the climate favored them, they would achieve the summit by 8 to 11 am on Wednesday, said Shrestha.

Prior on Monday, more than four dozen climbers scaled Mt. Everest, gaining by the positive climate.

A sum of 50 climbers from Nepal and abroad, who were holding up at Base Campt to Fourth Camp for positive climate, made it to the highest point of Mt. Everest effectively.

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